Why using bus?
Advantages of boarding a bus
Dense network of highway bus lines nationwide assures you of a comfortable and considerably inexpensive trip.
Moreover you can travel to various places that are far from train stations , ports, or airports, such as outlet shopping malls, hotsprings(Onsen),amusement parks, and so on directly from your nearest bus stop without a transfer. All buses registered on this website are, punctual, convenient, safe, and well equipped with seat belts and air-conditioners.
Overnight expressway bus advantages
The quality of overnight bus facilities in Japan has been incredibly progressing these days.
Most buses are arranged in rows of three reclining seats and two aisles between that secures privacy of the individual
more than conventional ones of four seats in rows do.
(Two aisles also become easy way to the on-board restroom.)
Overnight buses do not require additional payments usually, thus you can get a seat at the same cost as daytime operations.
Why not try sightseeing bus?
They detain foreign travellers? No.
All the sightseeing buses registered on this website circle an adequate number of sites there.
Each entry fee is gererally included, or passengers are entitled to catch a big discount.
Sightseeing buses help you to be free from a worry about where to go, how to go, and how much to pay, each time with struggling against a lunguage barrier.
Unfortunately many bus companies except in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are not able to offer you a bus guide who explains in frequent English yet at this stage.
So now we are preparing web pamphlets of each course as much as possible not to isolate foreign guests.