Information before boarding to arrival
Before you board the bus
1.Print ticket
Print out your e-ticket or have your mobile/smart phone ready displaying your e-ticket prior to boarding
2.Check departure/arrival spot
Check your departure/arrival spots before boarding the bus and allow plenty of time to reach your destination.Please come to the boarding spot prior to your departure.NOTE:Buses may run behind schedule.
3.Check luggage allowance
If you have any doubts whether your belongings can be stowed in the storage, you should make an inquiry to operating bus company before purchasing your ticket.
How to board
1.Get your ticket ready
Have your e-ticket ready you received to your registered e-mail address
2.Store luggage in storage
Store your luggage in the luggage storage which is underneath the bus. Please NOTE: Luggage restriction varies depending on routes and lines
3.Present ticket
Present your ticket to a bus operator/driver.
4.Check seat number
Check your seat number stated on your ticket and take a seat.Please NOTE: You cannot change your seat after boarding the bus.
On board
1.Store belongings
Store your belongings under your seat or put them on the overhead rack.
2.Fasten seatbelt
Fasten your seatbelt while you are seated.
3.Return to bus within designated time
If the bus is stopped off for a short break ,or toilets or refreshments along the way, you must return to the bus within the designated time.
How to get off
1.Check arrival spots
Notice for arrival spot may be announced only in Japanese. Please make sure to check your arrival spot at your own risk and judgment.
2.Leave seat
remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop for safety reasons.Please NOTE: Make sure that you take all of your belongings with you when you leave the bus
3.Take out luggage
Take out your luggage from the luggage storage. Please NOTE: If you would like to get off a bus except for a final bus stop, please talk to the driver and say "TRUNK" to make sure that the bus driver knows you need to pick up your luggage from the storage.
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