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From:Omiya,Saitama To:Narita Airport(NRT) |Highway Bus/Airport Bus
Omiya Narita Line

Omiya Narita Line

Bus Facility

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This is the airport shuttle bus service from Omiya, Saitama-shin toshin to Narita International Airport. NOTE: Passengers departing from Narita Airport, please purchase a ticket at "Ticket Counter" on your arriving Terminal on the day you travel. Please note that advance reservations cannot be made for the service that departs from Narita Airport.

Reservation opening dates.

12/12 ~ 01/11


JPY 2,800 ~ JPY 2,800


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A total of 13 bus services can be shown in the following timetable.
Seibu Bus Omiya Office Map04:30 AM05:30 AM06:40 AM08:15 AM09:30 AM11:00 AM12:30 PM01:50 PM03:00 PM04:15 PM05:15 PM06:15 PM07:45 PM
Omiya Station West Exit (Sogo Dept Store) Map04:50 AM05:50 AM07:00 AM08:35 AM09:50 AM11:20 AM12:50 PM02:10 PM03:20 PM04:35 PM05:35 PM06:35 PM08:05 PM
Saitama Shintoshin Station West Exit Map05:00 AM06:00 AM
Narita Tobu Hotel Airport Map07:05 PM08:05 PM09:35 PM
Narita Airport Terminal 2 Map06:35 AM07:35 AM08:55 AM10:20 AM11:35 AM01:05 PM02:25 PM03:45 PM04:55 PM06:10 PM07:10 PM08:10 PM09:40 PM
Narita Airport Terminal 1 Map06:40 AM07:40 AM09:00 AM10:25 AM11:40 AM01:10 PM02:30 PM03:50 PM05:00 PM06:15 PM07:15 PM08:15 PM09:45 PM
Narita Airport Terminal 3 Map06:45 AM07:45 AM09:05 AM10:30 AM11:45 AM01:15 PM02:35 PM03:55 PM05:05 PM06:20 PM07:20 PM08:20 PM09:50 PM