Asa Coast Railway Dual Mode Vehicle
Enjoy Muroto-Anan Kaigan Quasi-National Park by DMV! !

Dual Mode Vehicle (DMV) is a vehicle that runs on both railways and roads, and switches its modes in 15 seconds while carrying passengers, from trains on railways to buses on roads.
This vehicle runs between Awa Kainan Culture Village(Awa Kainan Bunka Mura) in Tokushima and Roadside station Shishikui Onsen via Kannoura Station and Seaside Station Toyo Town in Kochi on weekdays. Some services connect Awa Kainan Culture Village(Awa Kainan Bunka Mura)with Seaside station Toromu in Kochi on weekends and national holidays. 

Roadside Station Shishikui Onsen is located in the center of the Muroto-Anan Kaigan Quasi-National Park on the coast of Tokushima Prefecture, which features hot spring facilities, restaurants and farmer’s markets. You can get the dynamic view of the Pacific Ocean from the Shishikui Onsen.
On weekends and national holidays, there are services which connects Awa Kainan Culture Village(Awa Kainan Bunka Mura) with Seaside station Toromu via Muroto schoolhouse aquarium, Muroto Global Geo Park and Cape Muroto. 
Dual Mode Vehicle
Bus Company
Asa Coast Railway
Awa Kainan Culture Village - Roadside station Shishikui Onsen/Seaside station Toromu
Surrounding Attractions
Muroto Schoolhouse Aquarium, Cape Muroto, Muroto Geo Park