Sightseeing Bus: Kumano Trails & Nakahechi with local storytellers
Koya-san, which stretches out in the Yamagami basin is at an altitude of  1000 meters, encircled by 8 mountains, and is home to Shingon esoteric Buddhism.  
"1Day Tour, Kumano Trails & Nakahechi"connects Kiitanabe Station in Wakayama Prefecture with Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Trail. Buses will take you directly to the entrance of the Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Trail. A local story teller will entertain you introducing history of Kumano and its tourist attractions while walking on the Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Trail. 
You can hike Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage routes, enjoying the nature, shrines and temples along the way. Come and enjoy the rewarding experience of this region conveniently by bus!
Tourist Spots
Tainai-kuguri, Takahara Kumano Shrine, Village in the Mist, Gyuba-doji Statue, Hashiori Pass, Chikatsuyu-Oji
Story-telling in Japanese
Bus Company
Ryujin Bus Co., Ltd
Course A
JPY 6,500
JPY 4,000
Course B
JPY 5,500
JPY 3,500
Course A: Kii-Tanabe Station > Takijiri > Kodo-no-Sato

This course starts from Takijiri-Oji, the entrance to the sacred Kumano Trail and Nakahechi.
There are a number of ups and downs on the Trail, but it worth a visit with historic spots.
On the way, you can try Tainai-kuguri, so-called "Passage through the womb", and you will reach Takahara Kumano Shrine which enshrines a 800-year old huge camphor tree. Takahara Kiri-no-Sato is the photogenic spot where offers scenic landscape of the mountains. After vising the attractions, we will take you to the Kodo-no-Sato bus stop.
Course A
Distance: 6Km, Walking Duration: approx. 4hours
Dep. 7:30AM
Kii-Tanabe Station
Arr. 8:10AM/Dep.8:15AM
Tainai-kuguri (Passage through the womb)
Takahara Kumano Shrine 
Takahara Kirino-sato (Village in the Mist)
Course B: Kii-Tanabe Station > Gyuba-doji Exit > Chikatsuyu-Oji

This route is suitable for beginners to the hiking on the Kumano Trail. The iconic symbol of Nakahechi, Gyuba-doji Sone Statues build in the Meiji Era and cobblestone hiking road create the atmosphere of an olden time. You can enjoy the rural landscape in Miharashidai  on the way to the Hashiori Pass
After vising the attractions, we will guide you to the Kodo-no-Sato bus stop. 
Course B
Distance: 1.4Km, Walking Duration: approx. 3hours
Dep. 7:30AM
Kii-Tanabe Station
Arr. 8:40AM/Dep.9:00AM
Gyuba-doji Stone Statue Bus Stop

Gyuba-doji Stone Statues

Hashiori-toge Pass

Chikatsuyu-Oji Bus Stop
Gyuba-doji Statue
Takahara Kirino-sato Village
Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Trail